Gypset Girl Resort Collection Photo Shoot

What a fun and exciting day it was getting the photos done for the Gypset Girl Resort collection! The clothes are soon to be featured to shop on the next extension of the Gypset Girl brand– the Gypset Girl Bazaar. It was a thrilling day dressing  Evan our fit model, but not without its work. Truthfully, my nails were peeling by the end of the day from buttoning and unbuttoning for hours!

Gypset Girl Bazaar will be the e-commerce page to shop everything bohemian that we adore here at Gypset Girl! The new page includes beautiful pieces designed and sourced by Gypset Girl, including the new Gypset Girl Resort collection, all future seasonal collections, gypset style staples (available throughout the year), as well as the Home Goods collection as it develops. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

In the mean time, here is a little peek into the fit model shoot we did in New York City and what you don’t get to see behind the scenes of all of the photos we click to shop via the internet. 😉






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