GYPSETGIRL at Massif Fashion Week

Massif Fashion Week is an intimate, designer based runway showcase in Denver, Colorado which caters to retail buyers, fashion enthusiasts, and the garment industry as a whole. Based in a fashion photography and film studio, Massif Fashion Week produces a collection  runway shows that are filmed and photographed in high-quality formats to be viewed by a broader audience. The Massif Fashion Week shows serve as a platform for local, national, and international designers and brands to display their work and grow their following.

I am so excited to participate in Massif Fashion Week here in Denver, Colorado. I will be showcasing the GYPSETGIRL Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear collection on the closing night of their fashion week, today April 9th.

I am so excited to be back in Colorado, being I have lived here for 10 years. Living in Colorado was such an amazing and impactful time of my life. I took so much away from it in how it affected my take on fashion. The Native American vibe and free-spirited, alternative philosophy’s embraced by so many here, has had a direct impact on my designs and is evident in this current collection, Rock-n-Roll Nomad. The collection is full of leather and supple textures (as seen in the peacock-blue, velvet and leather suit on the model in the photo) in the pieces, ensuring that while you look fabulous, you will feel very comfortable. That alone makes them great for day-to-day. The pieces can also be mixed and matched with each other to create multiple outfits within the collection. The GYPSETGIRL F/W 2017 collection will be available in the GYPSETGIRL BAZAAR  (pre-orders available next month) and in retail stores in September.

Below are couple of photos of designers collections from last years show. I was so excited to have been invited to Massif Fashion Week as 3 designers from last year were invited to show at New York Fashion Week this year. Here’s hoping! 😉


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