Elephantasia at Atzaró Fashion Festival 2017 – Ibiza, Spain

Elephant conservation has always been near and dear to my heart. How could it not be? These majestic and intelligent creatures are so special and nurturing and a lot like human beings. More like humans than most understand. Did you know that elephants have memories like human beings? Elephants actually visit the graves of their dead family members just like humans do. They remember the happy experiences, as well the heartbreaking tragedies they endure. For example, witnessing the slaughter of their herd/family members for their tusks by greedy poachers. These beautiful giants carry these haunting and brutal memories with them for a lifetime. It is a tragedy that any living creature would be subjected to this. Did you know that if it isn’t stopped now, elephants will be extinct in our lifetime? This fact is crushing to me. So when Fashion for Conservation invited me to create a dress for Elephantasia and to have GYPSETGIRL  join them in their crusade to spread awareness and raise money for elephant conservation, I jumped at the chance.

The launch of this seasons Elephantasia showcase was in Ibiza on July 18th at the Atzaró Fashion Festival 2017. It was a magical evening, full of uber bohemian style, a fabulous fashion show, pop-up-shops and most importantly recognition of the plight of African elephants.

The GYPETGIRL Elephantasia Dress

There’s so much to share, I don’t even know where to start! The night began with the arrival of the 2000 breathtaking international glitterati that some like myself, came all the way to Ibiza just for this extraordinary event. The cocktails flowed as people walked and danced around the property exploring the amazing food to sample and the boho-luxe wares each vendor had to offer their enthusiastic buyers.

As the sun set, drawing a kaleidoscope of pink and orange in the sky the show began to the sound of a flute with what seemed like pixies coming from out of a forest. I was soon to discover that these “pixies’ are some of the gorgeous members of the internationally known World Family Ibiza. A nomadic group of glamorous gypsies who travel the world to design and sell their incredible fashion collections (I couldn’t resist taking a few of their colorful and luxurious pieces back home with me.).

As the World Family Ibiza members left the runway, their designs soon followed in colors and textures that took my breath away!

The most amazing part of the show for me of course, was seeing all of the mega-talented designers looks that were all elephant inspired for Elephantasia. They were very unique in style, striking and exceptional in their own right. I truly can say that as I watched each look come down the runway, I really loved how through fabric and design each piece embraced the spirit of the African elephant in such an artistic way.

GYPSETGIRL for Elephantasia

Two models and the amazing Co-Founder of Fashion for Conservation Ava Holmes

Closing this absolutely fantastic show was the legendary British designer Pam Hogg. Known for her eclectic designs, Hogg has dressed rock stars and celebrities alike, including Blondie, the Cult and Naomi Campbell. Her newest collection did not disappoint any of us expecting to see all of the edgy vibe that drips from her designs.

What an amazing experience the whole evening was! I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity and to be included with so many other designers that I find so inspiring. I hope that you feel inspired as well. We all share this planet together, even though in some cases our countries have borders that are separated by oceans. Nonetheless, we all need the elephants to keep this world turning. African and Asian alike, and they need us to save their lives. So please do what you can to help support Fashion for Conservation and all the organizations doing what they can to prevent extinction and to save all the worlds beautiful and much needed creatures.

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