GYPSETGIRL Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

The GYPSETGIRL Fall/Winter 2017 collection is here and I was thrilled to debut it at Massif Fashion Week in Denver, Colorado last month! We here at GYPSETGIRL are so excited to share it with you! It was such a fun collection to create. I drew my inspiration from the colors and textures I discovered throughout the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey and named it Rock N’ Roll Nomad. There’s lots of leather and supple textures in the pieces ensuring that while you look uber-chic you will feel very comfortable. That alone makes them great for day to day. The pieces can also be mixed and matched with each other to create multiple outfits within the collection.

I’m very proud of my first ready-to-wear launch and have to say, there’s just something about having a runway show. To see clothes you’ve designed and worked so tirelessly to create take life as you watch the models walk down the runway is an experience like none other. It’s inspiring to me because I never set out on this journey to be a fashion designer, I began the blog simply because I travel so much and many people were interested in the enclaves I traveled to and from, as well as the unique and interesting places and things I came across as a result. The want to begin designing grew organically from these experiences and the compliments I received from the different clothing, textiles and jewelry I collected along the way.

I hope you’ll be inspired by the GYPSETGIRL Fall/Winter 2017 collection to embrace your inner rock n’ roll nomad and get on a plane to take that bucket-list trip. You too will be awed and inspired to want to see more and more of the world. The self-discovery you’ll begin to understand will change you for the better and there’ll be no going back. Travel is indeed the only thing that makes you richer.

Be sure to click on the Shop tab or click here to check out the GYPSETGIRL Bazaar to see the beautiful GYPSETGIRL Resort Collection and accessories available for that next amazing adventure in your future!

Me prepping for the show.

Rock-n’-Roll Nomad hair.

Patiently waiting to walk the runway.

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