GYPSETGIRL Featured in British Vogue

GYPSETGIRL featured in British Vogue! Who would have thought it would happen this quickly! I’m thrilled to share the news that the GYPSETGIRL 2017 Autumn/Winter collection, Rock n’ Roll Nomad, is now a part of the most iconic fashion magazine in the world!

I couldn’t even believe it when I received the news! It’s amazing how life works sometimes and when people say timing is everything, believe it! On Easter Sunday, my best friend in London, Izzy, was at a gathering and just happened to be talking with an editor at British Vogue at the same moment that I texted her the photos from the runway show I had just done at Massif Fashion Week in Denver Colorado. Out of pure excitement and her love of the collection, Izzy showed the editor she was chatting with the photos and the editor loved them! She immediately told Izzy she would like her to connect her and I to discuss a feature of the collection in Vogue. It happened just like that! Within 5 minutes from the time I sent the message to Izzy my life changed! The feeling of vindication was palpable after working so hard and persevering through some very challenging circumstances personally over the last couple of years. That said, I’m grateful for those challenges as well as the success, because without them, this success would not be possible. No matter how bad things can be sometimes, always keep the faith that you are going in the direction that the universe intends. Some lessons may be harder than others, but you’re meant to learn them. They will bring you to the other side.

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